Dearest Friends,

Thank you for showing up every morning

on Wednesdays & Thursdays

at 7:30 am

by the gazebo

to practice QiGong in the park.

Victoria Park, Kitchener

IMAG1404 QiGong with Heart

Thank you!

Wonderful experience practicing QiGong in community at The Non Violence Festival last Saturday.

Thank you for all your donations to The Self Help Alliance!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In gratitude, Suzie NunesNVF photo

Hello Every ONE of you!

This coming SATURDAY, July 11th, at 2:20 pm precisely, at Victoria Park Island in Kitchener, the day of the Non Violence Festival, you are invited to participate and to experience the practice of QiGong in our community.

Together! OUTSIDE! In AMAZING GREAT weather!

Come and join us!

This is an opportunity to create community through moving meditations. I have been volunteering at the Self-Help Alliance for 4 years now, and it has transformed my life and many other peoples’ lives and it is a privilege to continue to be part of a great organization!

My goal is to raise $1000.

Your financial support enables Self-Help Alliance to provide a safe place for individuals to come together for peer support and for self-help to improve quality of life and to build a thriving and connected community.

Please share!
Thank you!

QiGongOasis The Non Violence Festival The Self Help Alliance

1617280_1061384533889859_2197623806457431554_o 11393503_1061384563889856_100934171805588089_o

Every Tuesday & Wednesday 7:30 am at Victoria Park in Kitchener, at the Clock Tower.

We are born to light up the sun
Make the world a little brighter
When the door is opening up
Let it be
Take it as it comes – lyrics by Imaginary Future


IMAG0971 Victoria Park AM-1Come and join us!

Hello Participants!

We will be having our QiGong class tomorrow, Saturday, May 23rd, at noon, at the Kitchener site – 67 King St. East!

See you there!


QiGong in community this morning.

QiGong at Victoria Park. We meet at the clock tower!

The photograph of our hands is a humble representation of our interconnectedness and interrelating with one another.

QiGong and Mental Health

Welcome ALL!2015-05-14 08.33.12 IMAG0877_1_1_1

We meet at the Clock Tower. IMAG0877_1_1_1

Qi Gong Victoria Park

Come and join us on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 am, by the clock tower in Victoria Park.

For 1 hour, come and experience your full attention to your body, heart and mind.

Come, receive, embrace, and reconnect with your internal wisdom that’s waiting for your presence with gentle moving meditations in nature.

Come, just for fun!!

Looking forward to share with you the wonders and joy of QiGong practiced together in the community.

QiGong Oasis in 2015

Remember to please like my page so we can build a wholehearted healing community together – https://www.facebook.com/pages/QiGong-Oasis/361772440517742?pnref=lhc

Rockway Community Centre
1405 King Street East, Kitchener
Thursdays, 7pm to 8pm, starting January 8 until March 26
Registration : 519-741-2507

Self-Help Alliance

67 King Street East, Kitchener

Every other Saturdays, noon to 1pm, starting January 3

and Saturdays, 1pm to 2pm, starting January 10

No registration necessary.


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