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We must not cease from exploration;

the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began


to know the place for the first time.

– T. S. Eliot –

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“Time is like a river.

We wash our bones like stones.

Time is like a river.

We wash our bones like stones.

Time is not the answer.

Time is not the quest.

Time is where we journey while we learn the rest.

Washing in the river of the self.”

Song be Julia Cameron

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21.08.2011 Inspire me …

Be still like a mountain


flow like a great river.

– Lao Tse

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“Practicing qigong is

so simple and so powerful.

You can not do it wrong.

You can only do it good, better, or best!” –

— Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

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  • REGULATING THE BREATH. Connects the maintenance and balance of the blood pressure to regulated Breathing, strengthens kidney, calms Nerves, alleviates knee problems.
  • OPENING THE CHEST Releases contraction in the “upper-Burner”, balancing front and back, left and right. Benefits condition of: insomnia, hypertension and relieves mental fatigue.
  • DANCE WITH THE RAINBOW Effective in: blood pressure regulation, Aids digestion, alleviates gastric ulcer, shoulder pain and reduces fat in the waist area.
  • CIRCLE ARMS / SEPARATE CLOUDS, Builds strength in the waist, legs, lungs, kidneys. Increases Vital Energy. Effectively treats Duodenum disorders, dizziness, palpitations and shortness of breath.
  • ROLLING THE ARMS/ FWD & BK Effective for releasing contraction and stagnation of the chest, upper back and shoulders; asthmatic and bronchial conditions and relieving muscular fatigue. Returns vigour to the legs.
  • ROWING THE BOAT Relieves pain in the waist and legs. Strengthens Digestive System. Alleviates Intestinal and Gastric Disorders. Opens up back and shoulders.
  • ROLL THE BALL FROM SHOULDER Benefits: calms nerves and relieves stress. Restores Energy with “balanced feeling” inside. Induces rest and sound sleep.
  • TURN AND GAZE AT THE MOON Accelerates circulation in waist, improving digestion and reducing fat deposits, intestinal and gastric ulcers. Eliminates fatigue in the loins.
  • TWISTING TO PUSH THE PALMS Accelerates blood/oxygen circulation to the far ends of the four limbs, governed by the Spleen. Thus, strengthening the spleen and reducing blood clots in the brain. Benefits Stomach and relieves waist and leg pain.
  • PLAYING WITH CLOUDS Accelerates the blood/oxygen and vital energy throughout the whole body. Benefits conditions of gastric ulcer, indigestion and Rheumatic arthritis.
  • SCOOP THE OCEAN/LOOK AT THE SKY Increases strength and flexibility in the waist and thighs. Regulates and improves blood circulation, calms and balances the nervous system.
  • PUSHING THE WAVES Unifies the rhythms of the mind and body. Strengthens lower body support: waist/legs. Relieves high blood pressure, knee weakness and “chaotic” breathing patterns.
  • SPREADING YOUR WINGS Effective for relieving strain and weakness in the chest and back. Use in treatment of indigestion, liver and gastric disorder.
  • REACHING OUT FOR WHAT YOU NEED Relieves mental strain & stress. Extends blood/oxygen/energy to the hands. Expands lung capacity.
  • FLYING LIKE A CRANE Recommended for: kidney disorders, dizziness, low blood pressure. Strengthens spleen and kidney, regulates blood pressure.
  • SPINNING WHEEL Builds great strength and flexibility in the waist and abdomen. Promotes circulation of blood and vital energy. Cures loin muscle and fatigue. Restores energy.
  • STEPPING WHILE BOUNCING BALL Relieves mental tension and body fatigue. Balances left/right brain and so soothes the Nervous system. Opens the sensory response supporting the ability to “balance by feeling”.
  • PRESS PALMS/SHOWERING CHI With respect to regulating: balancing the flow and rhythm of the breath/blood/energy, front to back, left to right, up to down, inside to outside.

* Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi was developed by Professor Lin Hou-Sheng in 1979

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